The management team

A retired engineer in "Ponts & Chaussées" french corpus since 2003, Jean Bergonzi has spent his entire career in Civil Aviation. He also holds a DESS in Air Law from the Faculty of Law of AIX MARSEILLE and DESS in Economics and Air Transport Management from IFURTA.

Enrolled in the ENAC (National School of Civil Aviation) in 1959, Jean held, until 1978, positions directly related to the control of air traffic. From that date, until the end of 1988, he managed the civil participation in the mixed (civil-military) organization of South-East Airspace Management, whose objective was to ensure the compatibility of the set of activities impacting the use of airspace. It was a very instructive time in all respects, especially in the way of conducting the necessary consultation necessary to resolve the various conflicts of interest, in particular, between the activities of the general air traffic, the military and those of tests / reception. Great progress has been made, partly related to technological progress but above all to a greater consideration by all partners of the essential needs of everyone in the search for solutions acceptable to all.

From 1989 to 1993 an assignment to the Ministry of Cooperation as in charge of aeronautical affairs allowed him to approach all areas of Civil Aviation (air navigation, airport management, aeronautic construction, airline, security, etc ...) . The field covered by the Cooperation included 33 countries, french speaking countries and others, in Africa, Indian Ocean and Caribbean. The richness of the contacts, the interest of the subjects treated, left him of this period a very strong memory which greatly influenced him in the decision to continue this cooperation by getting directly involved on site, in Dakar, as a consultant. Technical Advisor at the ASECNA General Management which had just been restructured at the end of 1989.

ASECNA, direct correspondent of the Ministry of Cooperation, responsible, inter alia, for the management of technical assistance (staff and credits), monitoring the implementation of programs from which it had previously obtained funding (project CELICA ...), from the presentation to EDF financing, in the form of a grant, of a training program of EUR 14.2 million, which culminated in 2002. Throughout this period from 1993 to 2002, Jean has participated in various international meetings and led numerous working groups.

Thanks to this experience gained within ASECNA, Jean has consolidated his knowledge of Africa, appreciated the strengths of each state and better identify his needs for assistance. These achievements, he puts them to good use as a advisor for ECTAR's team  in order to propose training actions that are best adapted to the needs expressed.