The management team

Very young, just after high school, CT, as we usually call him, joined AIR MALI National Airline, where he successively held the positions of Operations Officer, Station Manager, Head of CTO and Representative in stopover in Africa and Paris. He climbs the ladder of the hierarchy, which gives him quickly a very broad but precise vision of the functioning of an airline. He created in 1987, ATS, a group specialized in distribution, GSA, tourism .. present in several African countries . He is the chairman of the group since the creation. In 1988, he joined the French Airline EAS as a regular sales manager to create and manage this activity within the company.

With the integration of Mali into the Multinational Airline AIR AFRIQUE in 1992, he joins her as Director for Togo and Ghana. From 1994, he became AIR AFRIQUE Director Europe, based in Paris, until the disruption of the Company in 2002.

His experience of air transport over 40 years led him to create from this date the Cabinet ECTAR (Studies and consultancy in Air Transport and Representation) in Paris, which he presides until now. Since 2003, he is the President of the IAMA (African Air Professions Institute), a training institute with a pan-African vocation, located in Bamako, whose initiators are Air France, ASECNA and the Government of Mali.

CT was for 3 years Consultant to the Transport Commission of the African Union, working in particular on the Yamoussoukro Decision and the Executing Agency. He continues to carry out consulting assignments for ECTAR, particularly in the areas of strategy, organization and sales. His comprehensive profile makes him a wise and relevant counsel for airlines and any investor in the airline industry.