Ataf ATAF member since 2016

Studies & Audits

ECTAR and its experts meet your needs in terms of studies on air transport, and for example :

  • Development of air transport (aeronautical policy, determinants of air transport, …)

  • Investment evaluation

  • Competition study

  • Product Product Development (ancillary, subscriptions, pass, loyalty)

  • Fleet study

  • Traffic study

The audit is a tool for continuous improvement at the level of the Organization, Finance and Accounting, Commercial and Staff.

ECTAR will accompany you in your audit missions allowing you to obtain an impartial judgment on your financial statements, your internal control, your organization or your procedures.

Once you have defined the repositories for the audit, you will have an image of the existing one that will allow you to point out the weak and / or nonconforming points.

ECTAR will assist you in defining the appropriate actions to be taken to correct the discrepancies and dysfunctions noted.